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These school kids show all the potential of making it big in the world of art

Sandra Raju, Vysakh Nair and Amina Nazar are children with various disabilities who study at the Navajeevan School in Kochi. Their works reflect the relentless hard work and passion towards the art.

People with disabilities have proven their excellence in all fields. With the right guidance and training, nothing is impossible. Even experts point out that catching them young is important to ensure that they can follow their passion. That is why Navajeevan Special School in Kochi focusses on building confidence and working towards helping young children achieve their dreams.

Sandra Raju who has dyslexia, Vysakh Nair with multiple disabilities and Amina Nazar with Down syndrome, who study here, are born artists. Their paintings and drawings can impress anyone who takes one look at the works. These youngsters share their deep rooted love for art and how a bunch of inspiring teachers help them follow their passion.

For Amina, painting and drawing is something she loved doing from childhood. She is currently in class 4 and loves painting nature and portraits. She dreams of making it big in the world of art. Amina has a bunch of strong mentors and teachers who ensures that she gets only the best training.

We always ensure that our children explore the world of arts. In fact, it is given equal importance like academics and life skills. So after a morning session of academics, the rest of the day is spent with colours and sketches. That is how we realised that we have such talented kids at our school. Clearly, they have beaten a disability to prove themselves. Their works are a testimonial to their skills. -Shiny Vinson, Principal, Navajeevan Special School.

Like Amina, Sandra is an ardent artist. Sandra joined Navajeevan after she was diagnosed with dyslexia a couple of years back. Her paintings show varying colours in perfect combinations. Whne you consider that she had had no professional training, the results are truly amazing. She loves to use crayons.

"I watch a lot of YouTube videos by professional artists. I enjoy looking at how each artists does something unique. I have not undergone any professional training but maybe I would start doing it soon. I started drawing from a long time and my teachers helped me do it better, says Sandra. Apart from painting, Sandra makes greeting cards for her teachers and friends that she gifts for special occasions.

For Vysakh who is in class 12, painting offers a way to express emotions and feelings. Vysakh, who has multiple disabilities, started painting as a child. "I started developing a deep interest for art when I was in class 5. I have been doing it every day since then, says Vysakh.

With the relentless support of the teachers and mentors, these young students are hoping to make it big in the industry someday. Their confidence, determination and passion towards art knows no boundaries.

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