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Chennai hit by worst water crisis

June 20, 2019

Chennai is going through the worst water crisis this summer. The ground water levels have fallen and people are relying on water tankers for drinking and washing purposes. Meanwhile, the Chennai Metro Water has cut the supply of piped water by 40 percent. In a city that requires at least 800 million litres of water every day, this acute shortage is leading to the worst crisis of the decade. According to experts, the situation is going to worsen in days to come.

Chennai is again facing water crisis. A few thoughts: 1. It's pretty bad! City reservoirs are reportedly empty 2. It's not just Chennai -- much of India has been suffering historic droughts and heatwaves. Years of weak monsoons = very worrying-Nick Hagerty, Environmental Economist

Taking advantage of the situation, water tanker owners have doubled the price for their services. Officials have warned the owners to not over charge during this crisis time. Reportedly, most of the reservoirs that supply water to Tamil Nadu's capital city are in the verge of drying out. People from economically backward families are struggling to get drinking water in the scorching heat. The government has not yet stepped up to take any measures to reach out to people.

"With #Chennai metro water supply cut by 40%, water is available in most areas on tap in homes for hardly an hour leaving everyone at the mercy of water tankers, tweeted Smitha TK.

Rains are expected to hit Chennai in a month. Experts point out that this might better the situation in the city which is undergoing worst times.

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