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Buttons 2 Button is an adaptive clothing idea straight from a mom's heart

Buttons 2 Button are adapters used for buttoning shirts launched by U.S.-based Gina Adams to make dressing easier for people with disabilities. The aim is to enable them to dress independently.

Over the years, Gina Adams had seen her stepfather, who had Parkinson's disease, struggle to button shirts and other clothes on. That led Gina, a single mom, to start thinking about similar issues experienced by people with disabilities.

Gina launched a company called Warelogie that recently developed it's first product Buttons 2 Button to help disabled people button shirts and other clothes on their own.

Gina's venture has been welcomed by many people in the United States and will hopefully lead brands here in India to think on similar lines. There are a number of designers in India thinking about adaptive clothing and Buttons 2 Button adapters that can be used on any shirt with buttons will inspire similar thinking here, hopefully. The adapters are such that one part goes over the shirt button while the other part will go on the buttonhole to turn shirts into magnetic closures.

Krishnakumar PS, member of an NGO called MIND, hopes that the adapters are something clothing brands in India will bring out as well. As a person with cerebral palsy, being able to dress independently is something that he says should be looked at with high priority.

Since I have cerebral palsy, there is no movement for my hands. Hence, I use voice commands on my phone and computer to get things done easily. There are some NGOs that are working on products like what Warelogie is developing. Like the National Institute of Speech and Hearing in Trivandrum introduced me to a software which helps with daily tasks. Something like Buttons 2 Button will help revolutionise the way we dress up independently. - Krishnakumar PS, Disability Rights Activist

People with Parkinson's disease, arthritis and cerebral palsy have given good feedback for Buttons. What makes these adapters even more special is that they are available at affordable rates, something that Adams was very particular about.

"Anything that helps disabled people to do things independently must be welcomed. Products like Buttons 2 Button can help us do daily tasks like dressing up without depending on anyone else. There are many people who use voice commands and other technological advancements which help them to work and study independently. Such things help us a lot because it makes us happy and can boost our confidence too, says Veena Venugopal, a wheelchair user with cerebral palsy.

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