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Couples talk about the little things that make their relationship magically romantic

When his wife of over 60 years lost her vision due to diabetes, Toshiyuki Kuroki, a farmer in Japan decided to cheer her up by planting a field full of flowers. That incredibly romantic gesture made headlines internationally for days. We asked some of our readers to share their moments with their special someone.

Little did Toshiyuki Kuroki imagine that his gesture of planting a field full of flowers for his blind wife Yasuko would win hearts the world over. Mr Kuroki spent over two years in this effort, something quite unheard of in this day and age of instant communication and gratification.

Not all of us may have the time for such an incredibly romantic gesture but we have instances when the special someone in our lives has done something to touch our hearts. We asked some of our readers to share such moments.

For the recently wed Danish Mahajan of Radio Udaan, fame, it is the little things that matter. "When my wife is feeling low or sad, I sing her favourite song to her to lift her mood. And she does the same for me by cooking the dishes I love. Knowing what will make your loved one happy is the key, feels Danish.

Apart from a fiery side, disability rights activist Dr Satendra Singhhas a soft, romantic one too, as wife Ranjeeta Phalswal will testify. Dr Singh shares one memory from their days as newly weds with NewzHook.

I was in Rohtak doing my MD and I had a Kinetic Honda at the time which was an adapted vehicle. I used to call it 'Gigantic'. We were newly married and one of my favourite memories is of the monsoon season in Rohtak. Ranjeeta and I love the rains and while others would rush indoors during sudden showers, we would get on the Gigantic and go out. Neighbours used to call us crazy as we used to go out to have ice cream rather than tea in the rains. Now, we are in Delhi and we have a Baleno but we can never replicate romancing in the rain on a scooter. I miss my Gigantic, and the Rohtak rains. - Dr Satendra Singh, Disability rights activist

It is the support that husband Guruprasad T S unfailingly offers that Swarnalatha J, Co-founder, Swarga Foundation, appreciates the most.

"Last year I took part in a beauty pageant in Goa and my husband helped me prepare for the various rounds of the contest, from dressing me up to doing my hair, It was a beauty contest for non-disabled people and Swarnalatha was declared runner-up. "It became a special day for me with the love and support of my husband and also due to the fact that it happened on Multiple Sclerosis Day. I went on stage and spoke about inclusion and felt extremely happy and loved.

When it's a long distance relationship, keeping the romance alive becomes even more important. Delhi-based blogger Payal Kukreja's fiancé is in Mumbai and she feels it is important to think about each other and express love in little ways.

"I feel the romance when he keeps my picture as his DP on phone. I send him gifts on special occasions and he does the same. When we are together, I feel much loved and cared for. After we get married he is shifting to Delhi so that I can commute easily to work and I think there are no words to describe how I feel about this gesture.

Payal's fiancé, Jasraj Sangani is clear he plans to keep the romance alive even after they are married.

She loves beaches and so do I. After our marriage, I promise to take her to as many destinations as I can, especially which are accessible for her and of course beaches for sure!

Do you have a moment or story with your special someone to share. Write in to us at editor@newzhook.com

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