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Hollywood star highlights Chennai water crisis

June 28, 2019

The water crisis in Chennai is getting global attention. In a city with over18 million people requiring water, all the major reservoirs that supply water has dried up. Oscar award winning actor Leonardo Dicaprio recently posted a photo of a dried up well to highlight the ongoing water crisis in Chennai. The actor regrammed a post from international news portal British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to showcase the crisis.

Only rain can save Chennai from this situation. A well, completely empty, and a city without water. The southern Indian city of Chennai is in crisis, after the four main water reservoirs ran dry. The acute water shortage has forced the city to scramble for urgent solutions and residents have to stand in line for hours to get water from government tankers. As the water levels depleted, hotels and restaurants started to shut temporarily, and the air con was turned off in the city's metro. Officials in the city continue to try and find alternative sources of water - but the community continue to pray for rain- British Broadcasting Corporation

Dicaprio who has always been vocal about environmental issues, has ensured that people take a note of the water crisis that needs urgent attention. He has spoken about global warming, animal cruelty and other related issues at various international platforms. Dicaprio, who has a huge fan following in India, just added to his list by highlighting the latest Chennai water crisis.

"When Leonardo DiCaprio and US Senator Bernie Sanders have spoken about Wells that are empty, Chennaiites who are scrambling for water and waiting in queues for long hours to fetch water, our State leaders are yet to raise the gravity of the situation, tweeted Professor Jason Presley Raj.

"@LeoDiCaprio thank u so much for ur awareness on massive water crisis in Chennai #SaveWater, tweeted Rathish.

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