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Priya Bhargavaa looks to take her love for art & craft to bigger audiences

Priya Bhargavaa, a beauty pageant winner, motivational speaker and writer, is also into art in a big way. She is looking to take this to bigger audiences with her page on Facebook.

An art enthusiast since childhood, Priya Bhargavaa is looking to take this passion to a wider audience. Her Facebook page Art & Craft by Priya Bhargava is getting plenty of attention for the unique and stylish designs.

Priya, who did not have a disability until she was 19 years old, dabbled in art like most youngsters. Her life changed after she was diagnosed with lupus which affected her spine. Priya went through a period of depression and it was at this point that art came to her rescue. it helped her cope with this low point and seek out new opportunities.

Priya's interest lies in making beautiful works of art from scrap products. Her sand art works are a big hit as well and she has displayed her work at many exhibitions.

Once I happened to notice pages by different artists and that gave me the idea of starting my own page. Art has always been a favourite pastime but I never thought of pursuing it seriously as I had ambitions of becoming a doctor. My illness changed my life and art came as a saviour. - Priya Bhargava

Priya has built a steady clientele across India who have helped spread the word about her creations. She now takes classes as well. "There are students who come home for math tuitions who happened to see my artwork and asked if I could teach them during vacations, says Priya.

Santosh Kumar Kolkonda, an art enthusiast, is a recent client. "I came to know about Priya from a newspaper article. I find her inspiring as she has beaten many obstacles to become the successful woman that she is today. I recommend her works to my friends too".

Priya considers the well-known artist Satish Gujral her role model. "I admire his amazing sense of style. I think he is remarkable, she says.

This youngster has already completed over 500 artworks and is constantly experimenting with different styles. "Art is an expression of your inner self. Every artist has a unique style. Be pure in your expression of art, she says.

You can check out her works at her Facebook Page 'Art & Craft by Priya Bhargavaa'.

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