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Head to Pumpkin Patch for some unique personalised gifts

Launched in April this year, Pumpkin Patch, a Bengaluru venture brings together two childhood friends. Find out how Alyx Albuquerque and Ayush Bhambani, are putting their skills and strengths together in this creative business partnership.

Want to capture a memory, a moment, or an Instagram image on a mug? Or perhaps thrill a loved one far away with a special message on a T-shirt? Head to Pumpkin Patch for designs that are quirky, creative, and full of vibe.

Helping you put your ideas together in colourful, vibrant ways is the team of Alyx Albuquerque and Ayush Bhambani, old friends who have come together in a business partnership.

Alyx and Ayush, in their early twenties, have nonverbal autism. They met as kids when they went for horse riding lessons together and the connection endured over the years.

Alyx has a strong interest in accounting, IT and digital printing, while Ayush wears the creative hat, his skills honed at Sense Kaleidoscopes, a vocational programme for children and young adults on the spectrum. He has his own line of merchandise called Unabashedly Ayush.

In April this year, Ayush and Alyx tied up to form Pumpkin Patch.

Pumpkin Patch was operating out of Alyz's s room and study area this last couple of months. They will be moving into their design studio soon, exactly two months after the start-up was launched. Pumpkin Patch has had orders from all over Bengaluru, a couple in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. They have also sent merchandise to Singapore and Malaysia. - Liz Albuquerque, Alyx's mother

Be it fridge magnets, photo frames, key chains, mugs, water bottles, even calendars, the range of designs and products at Pumpkin Patch are remarkably varied. No two products look the same and the team takes pains to ensure the final product meets every customer's expectations.

Among the regulars is Dr Aruna Prasad, dermatologist at Columbia Asia Hospital. "Their stuff is really innovative, and they always make it accurately. Aruna has ordered T-shirts, keychains and mugs from Pumpkin Patch so far. "I have given specific images for the products I have ordered, and they are receptive to suggestions and interactive. I love how they are open to ideas.

For Mellenner Coelho, Diversity and Inclusion Head, Northern Trust, it's the professionalism as well as the larger message that keeps her coming back to Pumpkin Patch.

"I really like the fact that they are redefining abilities - the fact that these products are made by people on the spectrum, says Mellenner. "The concept of neurodiversity appeals to me and the larger point that independence is for everyone regardless of ability.

FOR ORDERS: Email pumpkinpatch.alyx@gmail.com

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