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Protests in Jaipur after minor girl raped

July 4, 2019

In a shocking incident, a seven year old girl was kidnapped by a man who raped her in the city of Jaipur. The incident sparked outrage across the city and protests were reported from various parts of Jaipur. Authorities shut down internet in parts of Jaipur fearing that locals are going to spread misinformation on social media. More police personals were deployed in parts of Jaipur to ensure no violence happens.

Extremely disheartened from hearing rape of 7 year old girl. Culprit must be hanged. Jaipur a peaceful city should get its peace fast-Sandeep Choudhary, Twitter User.

According to reports, the minor was playing outside her house when a man on a motorcycle told her to come along with him. He said that he was supposed to pay off some money to the victim's father. When her family noticed that she was missing, they started a search along with police and found out the girl almost 15 kms away from her home where she was brutally raped. The girl sustained injuries after she was beaten with a belt. Currently, she is at a Jaipur hospital where her condition is stable.

Jaipur police said that the situation is under control. But they are not leaving any stone unturned to ensure that more violence does not happen. Reportedly, a similar incident had happened a few days ago in the city where a four year old girl was taken to an isolated area and raped by a man on a motorcycle. The police believe that both are done by the same man. They have prepared a sketch of the culprit who will hopefully be nabbed soon.

"Internet services stopped in Jaipur as the city boils after brutal rape of an 8 yr old girl. Perpetrator ravished the victim for 2 hours and threw her. Accused Amanishah has apparently not been arrested yet When will these incidents stop? How can someone be so cruel to a child?, tweeted Deepika Bharadwaj.

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