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Disability does not stop Safwan MA from starting business ventures

July 8, 2019

Just 20 years old, Safwan already has a successful business in making paper products and cleaning lotions from home. Now he has stepped into a new venture as he tells NewzHook.

For Safwan MA, running a business of his own was a childhood dream. Diagnosed with autism in early childhood, this young man loves to keep things organised and a look inside his home tells you that, with things kept spick and span and tidy.

Safwan's mother Sheeba Salam noticed her son's interest and decided to help him develop it. Today, Safwan runs his own business from home making paper products and cleaning lotions. Now he has started in yet another venture, packing and sorting out food products for a Trivandrum agency called Madhuram Sweets. His doting parents are by his side to make sure he has all the support he needs.

Safwan, who is 20 years old, is a student at the Raksha Special School, where he is pursuing a vocational skills training programme. He has ample support from his tecahers who help him make these products. Apart from sorting out materials to be despatched, he does the cleaning and ensures that all the products are made ready for delivery.

Abdul Salam, Safwan's father, who is an iron and steel dealer says that he wants his son to become independent and self-reliant.

Since childhood, Safwan was interested in cleaning things. He has always been a perfectionist and that is why we decided that he should do something based on that. Today, he is happy doing his own business. He started off by making lotions at home. Now, he stepped into his new venture of food packaging too. Both are doing well with a lot of support from our clients. -Abdul Salam, Safwan's father.

Safwan's siblings support him in this venture. "All parents worry about their child's future so it is important to help equip them to face the world. I have ensured that I show Safwan the right track, says Salam.

This family does not want Safwan to depend on someone else to get a job and they felt that training him to follow his passion was the right way to go. "Only parents would know the strengths and weaknesses of their child. So it is important to work on it. I have always encouraged him, says Sheeba.

Safwan also plans to start an exclusive retail centre where he will sell the products he makes. He has already started working towards this. At Raksha School, his teachers are teaching him how to make eco-friendly bags so that he can sell his products in them.

Running a business takes a lot of time and effort but Safwan ensures he takes a break by listening to music. "We just want him to be happy and following his passion, addsSalam.

BUY HERE: You can reach Safwan to buy his products at +91 9846013209.

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