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A born artist, Mashood believes in living life, king size!

Mashood, a disabled artist from Fortkochi is creating waves with his unique art works. This born artist is gearing up to act in an upcoming Malayalam movie 'Valiyaperunnal' which is scheduled to release in August. Mashood's exciting and fun-filled journey is surely an inspiration to all.

Anyone who makes a visit to the iconic small town of Fortkochi wouldn't miss Mashood, a wheelchair user who is a born artist. Fortkochi, being one of the most known tourist hubs in Kerala is always thronged by tourists, most of them who ensure to buy an art work from Mashood. Popularly known as Machu amongst his friends and family, Mashood is all about energy and lots of positivity. Apart from paintings, he occasionally makes a presence in movies too. Mashood shares his journey of passion towards art and love towards life.

Tryst with art

Due to his disability, Mashood was unable to attend a school. He recollects how he used to draw behind his sister's school books. Gradually, he realised that art was his true calling. His first paint set was gifted by his grandfather when he was hardly ten years old.

My grandfather noticed my love towards paintings and drawings. I started off by drawing on books and then shifted it to chart papers. I used to get coloured chart papers and draw on them. Later on I started selling them off. My happy clientele is my biggest strength-Mashood

Mashood says that all his art works have been brought by tourists, most of them who are westerners. But he recollects one Malayali who brought his work and lauded him for his talents. "Once I was painting outside a café. The guy spotted my work and said that he instantly fell in love with it. There was a feel to the painting is what he said. He bought it immediately. He is the only Malayali who has purchased my art work", says Mashood.

Even though he has not received any formal training in art, Mashood has spent a few days at an art gallery in Kochi where he could learn in-depth about paintings from experts. He points out that he wanted to do formal training in art, but couldn't due to lack of accessibility of most art schools and galleries. "I was at the art gallery in Kochi for over a week. I could meet many artists and know more about paintings and drawings", he says.

Take one look at Mashood's works, and you wouldn't miss the depth in every work. He says that once he starts drawing, he doesn't change or even erase anything from it. "I know many artists who erase once they draw something. I have been used to this ever since I started my tryst with art", says Mashood with a smile.

Mashood's biggest asset is a supportive family comprising of wife and kids who stands with him through thick and thin.

Future plans

Mashood is gearing up to act in the upcoming Malayalam movie Valiyaperunnal along with a huge star cast.

"The movie is made by my friends. So when they told me that I have a small role, it came as a huge surprise. 'Valiyaperunnal' is releasing next month and it is definitely exciting for me", says Mashood who has acted in a couple of other Malayalam movies too.

Mashood also creates storyboards. So when a story pops into his mind, he immediately takes his pen and paper to draw it out, which is his best way of expressing himself. He later tells his children to create a story out of it. Currently, he has a story board with him which he plans to make into a movie soon. "My story is based on the pre-independence era and how a British lady had to stay back in Fortkochi after partition", he says.

Mashood plans to start a centre where disabled children who are aspiring artists can stay and learn more about art. "I have never felt odd or left out due to a disability. I have a bunch of great friends and a supportive family who treats me just like a normal person. My life has always been about freedom and happiness. I have experienced joy, love and sadness just like everyone else", signs off Mashood.

Faiz Bava, a friend says that he is inspired by Mashood's attitude towards life. "I have known him for the past many years. Anyone who visits Fortkochi wouldn't miss Mashood because he is always around radiating positivity", says Bava.

For Mohammad Aslam, Mashood is a powerhouse of energy and positivity. "When you spend time with him, you realise the good vibes that he has. It is always fun being around him. Moreover, his art works are inspiring because each work breathes life in it", says Aslam.

You can get in touch with Mashood at +91 7561047298.

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