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Technology enables people with disabilities to play music using their eyes

OpenUp Music, in the UK, is working towards inclusive youth orchestras by enabling musicians with disabilities to play music using their eyes.

Most musical instruments require fingers in order to play them and this puts them out of reach for those with disabilities. Since 2014, OpenUp Music has been designing and developing a new musical instrument that changes this. They have developed the Clarion, which is a musical software that combines many musical instruments.

Clarion allows the musician to change every element of the instrument, like the sound it makes, the number of notes that are available to play, the shape, position and colour of the notes, and the way one can play them.

It is possible to play the Clarion with the fingers, or any other part of the head or just by moving the eyes.

The instrument adapts to the musician and not the other way around.

Clarion has enabled the launch of the UK's only disabled-led regional youth orchestra.

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