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Blind critic reviews Marathi film Sairat

June 9, 2016

A blind perspective:

Sairat tells the love-story of people between two very different social and economic backgrounds. Parshya played by Akash Thoser and Archi played by Rinku Rajguru meet and fall in love. But their different backgrounds come in the way. Parshya is the son of a fisherman while Archi is a politician's daughter. Due to social, economic and political discrimination, Archi's family don't allow them to come together. However, despite the opposition from the society, they struggle to maintain their relationship by facing many challenges, created by Archi's family, barring violence, sacrificing their own family life etc.

The start of the film is enjoyable when normal college life is shown. The movie turns when Archi's family comes to know about their relationship. The end of the movie is shocking and unexpected. Director Nagraj Manjule has tried to reflect the social discrimination which still exists in some part of India in the 21st century and how it affects an individual through this movie. All have done a good job in this movie. Especially Archi's overall personality, as she drives the bullet, tractor, her way of speaking, fighting for her love against her family shows the signs of a brave girl. Music given by Ajay-Atul is also awesome especially the song "Zingat" which has driven people crazy.

However, as a blind audience, one may face difficulty in most of the scenes. There are many visual things, which, one can't understand without the sighted assistance, for e.g. musical background may help us to understand the emotions of the scene. However, we would need an assistance of sighted person to understand what exactly is happening. Telugu language also provided during the scene, when Archi and Parshya settle in Hyderabad, though, public may not know the Telugu or Kannada language, they may understand it through the subtitles provided for it. But, a blind person would again have to depend on sighted assistance.

A sighted perspective:

Sairat is a take on the various evils present in the current society.The movie is a ride that takes the audience from laughter to heart break and forces them to think about the present status of our society. I had a visually impaired person with me, so it was difficult to explain some of the scenes to him. There were certain scenes where there are no dialogues or background music, which were difficult to understand to my visually impaired friend. Overall, the movie is a wonderful watch.

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