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A blind critic review of Fitoor

A blind perspective:

Fitoor is an adaptation of Charles Dickens' Great Expectations and stars Aditya Roy Kapur, Katrina Kaif and Tabu and is directed by Abhishek Kapoor. Noor (Aditya), a poor Kashmiri boy loves a rich girl Firdaus (Katrina) since his childhood and keeps going after her from Srinagar to Delhi and then London even though she keeps rejecting him. Tabu's portrayal of Miss Havisham makes us feel the pain behind the voice that has cried a thousand rivers. Fitoor's music is its soul and will touch the audience. Fans of the novel will find the film heading in a cliched manner and missing the essence of Pip and Estella's characters.

Sound effects are enough for the visually impaired to understand what is happening. However, sceneries, Noor's sketches and paintings, and sequences like silence in flashbacks, such as Firdaus running towards Noor at the end, needed a sighted person's description. Fitoor is magical and has impressive performances, but it lacks the 'wow' factor. This love story is not everyone's cup of tea and hence only those with artsy taste may like it.

A sighted perspective:

Charles Dicken's novel surely is a great Bollywood love story. The movie has magnificent cinematography depicting Kashmir in winter and autumn and appreciable performances from the actors. Certain emotional scenes test Katrina's acting skills. Noor transitions uncomfortably between a love-struck man and a stalker. However, Aditya's dislike for upper body garments throughout the movie makes us ignore his alarmingly obsessive behavior. Tabu is engaging as always and decent supporting actors make Fitoor a good movie to watch.

Watching the movie with my visually impaired friends enriched my movie experience because I had to give a verbal interpretation of some scenes and it made me look at things more deeply. The flashback scenes and Kashmir's heaven-like landscape were difficult to describe.

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