How to tackle a troublesome boss

A supervisor or boss can often act in a way that makes a person quit his job. The most common way a boss can trouble you is by giving very short deadlines on a task and expects you to complete it in unrealistic time limits.

While this is part of any role and should be handled, it is not acceptable if it happens on a regular basis.

  • However, resigning is not the first step. One should be constructive and try to handle the situation.

  • The best way is to talk. Schedule a time, preferably in the late morning hours.
  • Do not talk in passing. Once you have face time with your boss, make eye contact, speak clearly, and let him or her know how the regular late hours are affecting your personal life.
  • You could write down the main things you want to talk about so you sound professional.
  • Tell your boss that you do not want to upset him but the matter needs to be sorted. Do not lose your composure because then you can come across as emotional.
  • Do not raise your voice or make personal attacks.

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