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Dogs with disabilities help a young boy walk again

Jack Lehman, a young boy from Ohio in the United States, was left paralyzed after a sudden onset of acute disseminated encephalomyelitis.

He learned to walk again and recovered his balance after relearning how to balance and walk with the help of therapy dogs that are part of a local hospital's therapy program called Doggie Brigade.

ADEM is a rare autoimmune disorder that inflames the brain and spinal cord, causing vision loss, weakness and difficulty coordinating muscle movements. It often follows viral or bacterial infections. Most patients start recovering in a couple of days and see a full recovery in six months. Jack was left relying on machines to live.

The hospital's Doggie Brigade program has 50 dogs that make the process of rehabilitation a lot more fun. Many of dogs have handicaps. One of them is deaf, one is blind, and one has three legs. But they know how to heal. Most of them even understand American Sign Language.

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