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Device that helps the vision impaired move safely

Those who are vision impaired face daily challenges in moving around and interacting with their environment. A wearable device called Horus is addressing that challenge by describing the surroundings to those who cannot see it.

Horus is the brainchild of two Italian engineers who took two years to develop it.

Its a rectangular box with a battery that can be attached to the belt or kept in the pocket and is linked to a headset so it looks like a Walkman.

The headset has cameras that film the surroundings and the information is processed in real time. The visual inputs are converted to verbal messages that help the user detect obstacles, describe pictures and scenes, identify objects and people, and read text.The presence of obstacles is reported using differently modulated sounds.

The device will be launched initially in Italy and by late 2017 it will reach other European markets.

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