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Capturing the world of the child of a deaf adult - My Take

In my film Handicapped Seat, I tell the story of the life of a child of a deaf adult (CODA). As the child of a deaf adult, it's a world I am close to and wanted to bring that world on the screen.

Like the moment when a child keeps calling out to her mother who never looks up until she gets a tap on her shoulder. Or the moment when a child realizes that her parent is different from her friend's parents.

Its also about the somewhat exasperating moments like banging on the door or throwing water from the bathroom if they are not able to reach out to their deaf parent.

Handicapped Seat is the story of the hearing daughter of a deaf father who tries to deal with everyday challenges. It will screen at film festivals all over the world and is the official selection in The IndieFest awards in the United States later this month.

As a CODA I want to state that a deaf parent can do anything like a hearing parent except hear. However they choose to depend on their hearing child and involve them as an interpreter just to enable them to become independent in their own lives.

About the Writer

Kheyali Das is a special educator and technical advisor on the Indian Sign language. She says that ISL is her mother tongue and her spoken language is the second language she learned. She is a scriptwriter and film director as she loves to tell stories. Handicapped Seat is based on her life.

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