How to meet a deadline at work

Meeting the deadlines set for you by your team manager is important for career growth. The best way to do so is organise and prioritise.

First, make a note of the deadline on your wall calendar or a smartphone calendar.

Second, work out a plan where you put down the steps needed to complete the project. Always plan backward from the deadline and keep two day aside to deal with unexpected problems.

Third, list the steps to be taken in the order of action and make a note of how much time each task will take.

Make a group of the tasks so you save time. For instance, suppose you need legal references on two or three issues, get them in a single trip from the person you are going to for advice.

Schedule the most difficult tasks for that time of the day when you perform well. Tasks that attention and time should be done when you are less likely to be interrupted.

Monitor progress from time to time. Take extra effort to catch up if you fall behind.

Never be relaxed because your deadline seems far off.

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