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Mirchi & Mime – Where the Food Speaks for Itself – My Take

I believe that with any idea or initiative, it is essential to be a part of a profitable business to sustain and survive. At Mirchi and Mime we constantly remind ourselves of the same.

Often, I am asked to describe Mirchi and Mime and I rattle off the following statement that clearly explains our approach - "A stylish dining space, which happens to be serving cutting edge Indian food, which happens to be served by speech and hearing impaired individuals."

Our company's two core values, which we gained from our college are that character and honesty are as important as capability, and that wealth creation is important for society as a whole, not just for individuals.

I must admit, it has been challenging, be it convincing parents, developing a simple, effective technique for orders, getting the team trained to taking orders correctly and repeating it back, from learning sign language and to gaining acceptance in their world. But then who says anything is easy in the first place.

In my over twenty years in the restaurant business, I have launched and operated restaurants in India and in the UK. I have always found it a challenge to get the staff to smile.

Our team possess three qualities that are important in hospitality - smile, focus and sensitivity. These give them an advantage over the speech and hearing-abled in the industry. All we had to do was to replace verbal communication with visual communication.

About The Writer

Prashant Issar is the co-founder of Mirchi and Mime along with Anuj Shah. He has been involved in ideating and operating restaurants across India and in London.

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