How to ask for a promotion at work

Before you speak to your senior manager for a promotion, prepare yourself.

First, identify the position you want and understand what are the responsibilities.

Be realistic about what you are going to ask for. If you are junior executive, do not ask for the manager’s role.

Frame your answer as to why you are the best candidate for the job. List specific instances of how you performed well at smaller projects or with groups of people.

Draw up a list of the achievements that puts you ahead of your colleagues.

Plan when to ask for the promotion. A good time would be after you have successfully completed a project.

Send your boss an email requesting a meeting to discuss your performance and potential.

Do not ask for too much at once, like a promotion, salary raise, benefits, and so on.

If you are turned down, do not show anger. Ask politely when you can have the conversation again.

Get feedback on what you need to do to be considered in the future.

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