This Mumbai photographer teaches deaf, cancer-stricken kids how to take pictures

Rajen Nair is a Mumbai-based freelance photojournalist, who has made it his mission to enable children who are deaf and have cancer to help express themselves through photography.

Nair, who is partially deaf himself, says he wants to give the children a better frame of mind and a new hobby so they can express what they feel.

He wants the children to see the ability in their disability and not be dependent on others. He says that his hearing disability made him look at photography as a career. He even learned sign language so he could communicate with the children. Nair teaches for free and has five deaf youngsters in his class.

Nair hopes to train these children well so they can become professional photographers, He also holds outdoor shoots for the children. He is hoping that people will donate their cameras to the children so they can learn a new skill to take their minds away from the stresses they go through.

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