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The inspiring story of Ms Wheelchair America 2017

Eliza McIntosh's parents were told that she would be in a state of near coma all her life because of a birth condition. She had spinal dysgenesis, which left her with no sensation from the waist down.

Her parents were even told to abort her because of a negative prenatal diagnosis.

However Eliza has gone on to defy the doctors. She has competed in the U.S. Paralympics, broken a Guinness world record and just last week was crowned Ms. Wheelchair America.

Eliza's parents have met her needs to the extent possible, encouraging her to try hard at whatever she wanted to do. They modified her home so it was more accessible.

Eliza says they taught her the difference between having a disability and being disabled. Having a disability is something one is born with, but being disabled means letting that stop you.

Eliza says she wants to use her title to show people who use wheelchairs that they can achieve any goal they set their mind to.

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