How to ask for a higher salary

Asking for a higher salary can do more harm than good if the approach is incorrect. Here are some things to keep in mind when asking for a raise that is in between the scheduled annual increments.

Timing is crucial. If the company is making profits and expanding, it is a good time to ask for a raise. But if people are being asked to go or cost-cutting is being talked about, the time is not right.

Never tell your boss that you need a raise because you did not get one in previous years.

Instead, focus on yourself and your strengths.

You might be doing the work of two or more people, but never mention it while asking for a raise. Your employer knows it but will not like you telling it.

Never say that you have worked for so many years and deserve a higher salary. That has effect on your performance. Doing your job does not entitle you to a raise. You can ask only if you have been a high performer.

Do not tell an employer you want a raise because you have personal problems.

Never say you want a raise because a co-worker at the same level gets paid more than you.

Be realistic while quoting the figure you want.

Never say you will leave if you do not get a raise unless you have another job in hand.

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