Photographer offers free shoots to children with special needs

One day Stephanie Smith, a photographer based in Maryland, United States, happened to read a newspaper article about a photographer who refused to take pictures of a child with special needs, That pushed her to start an initiative to offer free photo shoots to families with disabled children.

Over eight months, she has done over 19 photo shoots for children with special needs and their families. She funds these photo shoots through a website where she raises money as well as money she makes from assignments that she is paid for.

Stephanie says her goal is to give back to the society through the initiative, as well as to teach people that they must see the children for who they are and not focus on their disabilities.

The only thing Stephanies asks for from her clients is a photo of her with them. Her goal is to open her own studio, where she can conduct indoor shoots and accommodate children whose conditions prevent them from being outdoors for a long time.

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