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Deaf critic movie review of Sully

Sully is a 2016 American biographical drama film starring Tom Hanks (as Sully), Aaron Eckhart (as Jeff), Laura Linney (as Lorraine) and directed and co-produced by Clint Eastwood and written by Todd Komarnicki.

The film is based on the autobiography 'Highest Duty: My Search for What Really Matters' written by an American retired airline captain Chesley Sullenberger and American author Jeffrey Zaslow describing the events of US Airways Flight 1549.

The film starts with Captain Sully's airplane crash dream that frightens him and wakes him up.

Sully puts on the television news which appreciates his brave decision to land the aircraft on Hudson River. But Sully wasn't happy with the attention. There was something that was bothering him.

National Transportation Safety Board's investigation team interacts with Sully and First Officer Jeff to record their statements and understand the reason behind Sully's decision to land the airplane on a river.

The meeting however, doesn't make Sully and Jeff feel good about their decision and puts them into self-doubt and losing their inner confidence.

Meanwhile, Sully's worried wife Lorraine is fed up with the press over questions related to the incident and reminds Sully about their unstable financial conditions.

Despite of being stressed, Sully assures Lorraine that he will be out of the investigation and return to their home soon.

Then a flashback to 15 January 2009 shows how Sully and Jeff board US Airways Flight 1549 and take off from LaGuardia Airport.

Barely three minutes into the flight, large flock of birds' strike disable both the engines of the A320.

Without engine power and with no airports in range, Sully lands his crippled airline in the cold waters of the Hudson River.

Sully's leadership and sense of service manages to save the 155 lives of passengers and crew against all odds, featuring him as the hero for doing something extraordinary and miraculous by the media.

The film then comes back to present when Sully was still doubted for his sense of humanity by the investigators.

The representation of Sully regaining his confidence and proving his selfless decision to the investigation team was amazing.

The strong performances of the cast, dialogue delivery, writing and direction are beautifully balanced and earns the viewers' respect and attention.

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