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This blind photographer shoots with his heart

Among the many thousands of photographers at the Rio Paralympics 2016, one stood head and shoulders above the rest.

That was Joao Maia. Maia, who is blind, did not miss a single expression of a perfect jump. How does he do it? Maia's answer is simple - his eyes are in his heart.

No one who looks at Maia's pictures would imagine that he is blind. Maia went blind when he was 28 years old after after he suffered uveitis, an inflammation of the eye. He was unable to see anything more than shapes and some colors at a close distance.

Maia, who is from Brazil, worked as a postman for a while and learned how to use a cane. He also took classes in Braille and eventually got interested in photography.

Maia started with a traditional camera but now depends on a latest generation smartphone. He says it has excellent focusing. He has two people who help him with some assignments. He says they help him editing, which he cannot do and also put his pictures up on social networks.

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