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Blind & Deaf Review of Pink

A blind perspective:

Pink is a 2016 Bollywood film starring Amitabh Bachchan (as Deepak Sehgal), Taapsee Pannu (as Minal Arora), Kirti Kulhari (as Falak Ali) and Andrea Tariang (as Andrea) along with Angad Bedi (as Rajveer Singh), Raashul Tandon (as Dumpy) and Tushar Pandey (as Vishwa).

The film is written by Ritesh Shah and produced by Rashmi Sharma and Shoojit Sircar.

The movie captures various facets of social mentality about women's character and assumptions of people about women who wear short dresses and drink in parties.

The story is about Minal, Falak and Andrea, three working women who stay together in one apartment in New Delhi with different dreams in life.

The film starts with suspense where one guy shown as injured is being admitted to hospital by his two friends and on the other scene, three women travelling in a car are shown as scared for some reason.

Is there is a connection between both the scenes or not creates a question in the viewers' minds.

The story then reveals that at that night, when the three women Minal, Falak and Andrea were partying and drinking with the three men Rajveer, Vishwa and Dumpy in a resort, Rajveer and Dumpy tried to sexually assault Minal and Andrea respectively.

In order to save herself and stop Rajveer from forcing her, Minal took a bottle and broke it on Rajveer's head and escaped from the incident with her two friends.

Although Rajveer was saved in the hospital, he wanted to take revenge from Minal for hurting his male ego.

Following the incident, the three women face exploitation in their office, home and society due to the pressure from Rajveer and his rich friends.

Lawyer Deepak Sehgal makes an entry and makes sure that he saves the three girls from the harassment of the three men.

Deepak's dialogues are the soul of the movie. He studies the case in-depth and brings out the accurate truth in front of the court.

Minal, Falak and Andrea represent today's modern women who wants freedom to live their life on their own terms but the society's attitude shown in the film towards the working women is still outdated.

The background music is good but in few scenes with no dialogues, it doesn't help a visually impaired person to understand what is going on without a sighted assistant.

The film handles a very sensitive subject with complete ease. Must watch for its originality in the courtroom drama genre.

A sighted perspective:

Pink is an excellently made film with best performances, especially of Amitabh Bachchan who plays the role of a lawyer and saves the three young women Minal, Falak, Andrea in the wrong case filed by three rich influential boys Rajveer, Dumpy and Vishwa only because the girls said 'NO' to them.

The film shows the status of the society we are living in where women are perceived and judged on the basis of their clothes, nature and profession.

It deals with the discrimination of the society towards modern working women who also drink and party like men.

In one of the courtroom session, Deepak rightfully says we must educate the boys of the country, not the girls. If the boys are educated, girls will be safe automatically.

The unique plot, simple picturisation, effective dialogues delivery and natural performances make the film count as one of the powerful films of the year.

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