How to deal with criticism at the workplace

Criticism from your senior managers or colleagues about your performance at work has to be seen in the right way and used in a constructive, positive manner.

Sometimes people take it as a personal attack and don't see what lies behind the feedback.

Here are few tips to view this feedback in a way that helps to change your performance at work in a better way.

First, understand that the feedback is given with good intentions. See it as a way to improve your work.

Listen to what is being said without interrupting and maintain eye contact with the person who is giving you the feedback.

Do not start thinking negatively about yourself, your place of work or the person talking to you. Have a positive attitude.

Stay calm and think about how you can use the comments to improve your work.

If you think the feedback is fair and given in a positive way, thank your senior manager for helping you work better.

Work on becoming a better worker.

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