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Blind critic movie review of Tutak Tutak Tutiya

A blind perspective:

The movie has Prabhu Deva playing the role of Krishna, a Tamil guy working in Mumbai.

Krishna wants to marry a modern girl and he has a unique way of approaching them, which many will find hilarious.

But due to some circumstances, he marries a typical village girl Devi, played by Tammanah Bhatia.

The story revolves around their lives in Mumbai and Krishna's encounter with Ruby, a dead model who uses Devi to fulfill her acting dreams.

Sonu Sood plays the role of Raj Khanna, a big film star.

How Ruby gets the role in Khanna's movie and how Krishna realizes Devi's importance forms the remaining part of the story.

The comedy lies in the facial expressions and actions.

Some scenes are especially funny like where Krishna approaches girls, his marriage, his reaction when he sees Devi acting for a movie.

About "HORROR", prepare yourself, "NOT to get HORRIFIED".

Leaving one or two instances there is nothing that can horrify.

Verdict: Good movie, but a one-time watch.

Visually impaired should go with a sighted person as you cannot enjoy or understand certain scenes without narration.

A sighted perspective:

Tutak Tutak Tutiya is a decent horror-comedy co-written and directed by A.L. Vijay.

The film stars Prabhu Deva, Tamanaah Bhatia and Sonu Sood in important roles.

Prabhu Deva entertains with his funny facial expressions and style of speaking Hindi in the film.

A scene when Deva asks Tamanaah 'Tumko Hindi aata hai' and the way she corrects him is sweet.

Deva's natural acting as Krishna and Tamanaah's simple acting as Devi and horrifying acting as Ruby is watchable.

Sonu Sood's cameo role as a superstar Raj Khanna doesn't disappoint and deserves appreciation.

The story has elements of family values, humour and horror with no major twists and plots.

The makers have tried their best to keep the film's screenplay entertaining with proper editing.

The special effects, dance performances and comic timing makes it a good, enjoyable family film.

Go for the film if you just want to have a good laugh.

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