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This blind photographer does not let disability come in the way

November 23, 2017

Pranav Lal may be blind but that does not come in the way of clicking beautiful pictures. Pranav, who is blind since birth, never lets anything come in the way of trying new things. So when he decided to take up photography, he was determined to make a go of it.

To achieve his goal, Pranav uses a technology called vOICe, which works as an artificial eye, and has a set of bone conducting headphones, that converts the sights around him to sound.

The image gets broken down to three attributes and using these attributes, Pranav clicks his photo. He says that his parents were very supportive and motivated him right from birth.

Pranav's positive attitude towards life has motivated him to become independent. t has also helped him to work on his hobbies with full focus.

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