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India's first accessible restaurant finder & menu reading app - My Take

Anyone can access GoodFoodTalks as easily as an ordinary menu.

People with vision impairments, senior citizens, or those with fading vision, dyslexia and autism are friendly by nature. They love food and like to eat out. Most important, they value their independence.

However, when they go to restaurants, their experience is not always pleasant. One of the problems they face is of reading the menu card and selecting what to order.

At first, I changed the menus of popular restaurants into Audio and Braille books. But this was very difficult to maintain over a period of time.

After research, I decided that the solution created by Matt Wadsworth in the United Kingdom is what I was looking for. Matt agreed to partner with me and now Good Food Talks is in India.

Most smartphones, tablets and computers now come with many accessibility features, including a built-in screen reader that speaks everything out loud.

GFT is using this to present menus in an easy-to-read and control format on smart phones and tablets.

Just tap the `Find restaurants near me` button or use the search feature if you are looking for a restaurant. You will get a list with address, phone number and distance from your location.

Tap on the name of a restaurant to see menu types, foods and timings. People who have limited vision, can enlarge the print and highlight buttons.

Since its launch in Delhi early this year, the app has grown to include menus of more than 500 restaurants from cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Jaipur and more.

It will be launched in more cities and probably other countries. I am also looking to partner with organizations like Zomato to expand the list of menus.

About the Writer

Prashant Verma is an accessibility expert associated with several organizations. GoodFoodTalks is a web app that works on all platforms and devices. Open www.goodfoodtalks.in in any laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone, on Android, iOS or Windows, to use it. For information, call 1800 300 20469 or email to gft@saksham.org.

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