How to work & study at the same time

If you are working in a full-time job and want to better your job options by getting a degree, here are some tips that can help you both study and work.

Make a schedule of what you have to study. You can do this on a weekly or monthly basis. Look at how many days you have and how many pages you have to read to understand a subject or the topics.

Write all the important concepts and save it in a word document or PDF file on your mobile or laptop. Read them whenever you have some time free during the day.

List out all the tasks that you have to complete in a day. Include reading or studying as a task in between other tasks like cooking, exercising, travel to office etc.

Be ready to give up one leisure activity like watching TV, or chatting on social networks.

Keep your team leader at work or administrative in-charge informed about your exams schedule. Take leave from work one day before the exam to give yourself a break from the busy schedule of job and studies.

Be motivated to study and work hard to create a better future.

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