How to have a better relationship with your boss

Being good at your work and meeting deadlines is important for professional success. Another key factor is to have a good relationship with your boss or senior manager.

Here are some tips to develop a better relationship.

Take the initiative to meet your senior manager or immediate supervisor atleast once a month if your work does not require for you to meet on a daily or weekly basis.

Discuss your work progress with your boss.

If you have ideas for the future or concerns about any projects, be sure to tell him.

Make sure that you work as per your boss’s expectations or vision.

You must share your willingness to take on new projects. Also make it clear you are open to feedback about your projects.

Do not feel afraid to present your ideas. Remember that your boss is someone just like you. He started off like you did but has a different job title and work culture.

If you have any issues with work, discuss them in a respectful way. If you raise a problem, try and bring up a solution as well so your boss knows that you are also looking at constructive solutions and are not just complaining.

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