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Blind critic movie review of Shivaay

A blind perspective:

Shivaay is a Hindi action, drama and thriller film directed and produced by Ajay Devgn.

The film stars Ajay Devgn (as Shivaay), Sayesha Saigal (as Anushka), Erika Kaar (as Olga), Abigail Eames (as Gaura) and Vir Das (as Wahab).

The film introduces Shivaay living mountainside with his daughter Gaura, who can hear but cannot speak.

Gaura grew up thinking her mother, Olga is no more. But the twist in the movie comes when she gets to know that Olga is still alive and stays in Bulgaria.

Gaura forces Shivaay to take her to Bulgaria. Shivaay resists initially but later agrees and they both set on a journey to search Olga.

In an attempt to save a small boy from human trafficking in Bulgaria, Shivaay puts his and Gaura's life in danger.

The film then describes how Shivaay takes the help of Anushka and Wahab to rescue his daughter from the human trafficking racket.

The best part of the film is the emotional bond between Shivaay and his daughter.

Overall, the film has many fighting scenes and thrilling sound effects that may interest the action movie lovers and Ajay Devgn fans.

A sighted perspective:

Shivaay is a perfect action drama film with beautiful locations, good background score and powerful performance by Ajay Devgn.

The story is about a simple mountaineer who saves his daughter from the Russian criminals.

The film's first half is sweet and adventurous while the second half is emotional and full of action.

Devgn deserves appreciation for choosing a good family story and presenting a well-balanced screenplay.

The onscreen relationship that Devgn shares with the child actress Abigail is emotional and natural.

The film's amazing cinematography and stylish action packed stunts is the main plus point.

The film is a must watch as it raises the serious issue of child trafficking and shows the importance of father-daughter relationship.

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