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Deaf critic movie review of Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is an American superhero film. It features the Marvel Comics character of the same name.

The film is directed by Scott Derrickson and produced by Marvel Studios.

The film stars Benedict Cumberbatch (as Doctor Stephen Strange), Chiwetel Ejiofor (as Karl Mordo), Tilda Swinton (as the Ancient One) and Benedict Wong (as Wong) in important roles.

The film introduces Doctor Stephen Strange as a proud and self-loving doctor. His constant success makes him think he is the best and can do no wrong.

A car accident leaves him with broken hands. When medicines fail to cure him completely, he sets on a journey to a secret place named Kamar-Taj in Kathmandu, Nepal.

He transforms into a powerful mystic being with the help of the Ancient One.

But he alongwith Mordo and Wong have to fight with Dormammu, the Dark Dimension to save the world from death and destruction.

Will Doctor Strange be successful in using his mystical abilities against Dormammu forms the remaining part of the story.

The film is a must watch for its engaging cast, amazing visual effects, funny and meaningful dialogues and entertaining plot.

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