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Online cooking series for the hearing impaired - My Take

November 17, 2017

In life, many of us can see, but choose not to look. Many of us can hear, but choose not to listen. Similarly, for most of us life goes by. With all these faults in us, we tend to not notice the reality that surrounds us and seem to be okay with it.

A couple of months back I was watching a French movie. While reading the captions, I missed some of the images. It was then that I thought about creating a web series for the hearing impaired. The communication is not just through captions but also an interpreter so that they don't miss out on the images. The idea was to link the break in visual content.

Everyone talks about bridging the gap without realizing that adding captions will not serve the purpose. There was a need to create a platform to bridge the gap. The web series is just a platform. It has a chef who teaches you how to cook certain dishes. There is also a sign language translator so that the information put across by the images can meaningfully reach everyone without missing any part of the preparation of the dish.

When I pitched the concept to Vikrant Batra, who is the owner of Cafe Delhi Heights, he understood the vision and fully supported the concept. He believed in the potential of the cooking series, which overcomes the communication gap.

I am extremely thankful to Vikrant Batra, Chef Ashish Singh and our interpreter - Namrata Patro, Kunal Jamb and Najmul Abbasi - for all the production support and last but not the least the entire team of CDH for their support and involvement that has made this series possible.

About The Writer

Sid Nath is the producer of Café Delhi Heights' online cooking series which aims to make difficult more accessible to the hearing impaired.

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