How to make work feel effortless & enjoyable

Sometimes, work becomes boring. You may want to give your best or finish your tasks on time, but you are not able to.

Here are few tips to help you work without putting much efforts:

Work when you feel like working. When you don’t want to work, take a break or time-off from work.

Don’t think much about work. Stop thinking to be perfect always. Focus on giving your best. If you fail, you have always one chance to correct it.

Remove the mind blocks. Find out what stops you from avoiding work. Question your thoughts and beliefs to get a clarity about what you can do and what you cannot do.

Focus on what is important than what is urgent. Make a to-do list of the important things to do. Give timelines to each task.

Believe in yourself and your abilities. Think about work as an opportunity for you to grow in life.

Do not criticize or compare yourself with others. Keep a check on your performance on timely basis to be effective at work.

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