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Blind critic movie review of Rock On 2

A blind perspective:

Expectations are high among the music lovers considering the great success of Rock On 1. In this part also, the story keeps changing between the past and the present.

The story revolves around how Farhan (as Aditya), Arjun (as Joe) and Purab (as KD) are busy in their own lives and the incident which brings them together to restart the band, their failure and then finally a successful concert.

We see 2 new people in the band this time: Shraddha (as Jiah) and Shashank (as Uday). The story is not that great and especially when we think of "Rock On" it loses horribly in music part. There is only one song 'Woh Jahaan' that may get registered in the minds of the viewers.

It is difficult for a visually impaired person to understand the film, as there are many scenes without dialogues, transitions between flashbacks and present, scenes that are part of songs and so on.

There is a background voice that keeps on linking the main content, but may be that is not enough as visually impaired people will lose out on many scenes.

Verdict: May be a one-time watch. Visually impaired person should be accompanied by sighted person. Music not that great and lack of "ROCK ON" ATTITUDE.

A sighted perspective:

Rock On 2, a Hindi rock musical and drama film introduces : Joe as a reality show judge, Aditya moves to Meghalaya to work for good causes as he is not able to forget the suicide of a fan and KD is still making music but is fed up with his clients.

Uday and Jiah's music composition motivates KD to re-introduce the Magik rock band.

Will KD be successful in helping Aditya and Joe in overcoming their personal problems and make music again forms the remaining part of the story.

The storytelling is not very strong and has very less connection with the rock music. The acting is average as compared to the first part. It is a one-time watch to understand the lives of musicians- their struggle, success and passion for music.

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