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Blind critic movie review of Tum Bin 2

A blind perspective:

Tum Bin 2 is based on the same concept as its 2001-released original film except for Amar's return.

Few happy moments in the family and the lyrics of the songs are the only better things in this film.

The supporting characters of Taran's sisters, Manpreet and Gurpreet are well-written as compared to the lead roles. The scenes where Gurpreet tries to convince Manpreet to let her marry a Pakistani guy are funny and entertaining.

Shekhar is described as a philosophical man for no reason. He is shown exactly opposite to the original film which had Shekhar as a matured individual.

Kanwaljit Singh is as good as always and does his role of Papaji rightly.

Some scenes are made short without any reason, like the one where Amar and Shekhar are playing a chess game and Shekhar starts laughing. The scene doesn't help a visually impaired person and his sighted buddy know what really happened.

The song Teri Fariyad with the golden voice of Jagjit Singh ji is the best part of the film.

Lastly, being a dialogue-based film, songs as a continuation of the film and few scenes require explanation for visually impaired audience.

The film is just a group of immature people getting confused between the concepts of attraction and passion.

I wonder why director Anubhav Sinha didn't think twice before making this sequel.

You can give this romantic drama a miss. The first part would still make a better watch even after 15 years.

A sighted perspective:

The story is about 3 characters: Neha Sharma (as Taran), Aditya Seal (as Shekhar) and Aashim Gulati (as Amar).

Taran loses her fiancé Amar in an accident. Shekhar helps Taran in coping with the sudden death of Amar. Eventually, Shekhar and Taran start liking each other. However, fate brings Amar back to Taran's life.

How will Taran's decision change Amar and Shekhar's life forms the remaining part of the story.

The story is very simple and emotional. The slow pace of the movie tests the audience's patience.

It is a one-time watch for its beautiful locations, soulful music and few meaningful dialogues.

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