How to prepare for a video job interview

Video job interviews have become famous with employers to save time and cost in meeting the job candidates.

Here are few tips to avoid common mistakes and improve your video interview performance:

Before the video interview, check your internet connection and camera.

Place the camera properly and make sure you log in to the video interview website or Skype, half hour before the interview.

Choose a place with plain background and enough light on your face. Prefer to do the interview at home, instead of noisy places like malls or cyber cafe.

Make sure your clothes are formal, fitting and ironed.

Prepare for the most commonly asked interview questions and practice it well.

Be aware of your body language and facial expressions. Keep eye contact and never look downwards or somewhere else.

Communicate clearly and sit straight while answering the interview questions.

Preparing and practicing video interviews with a friend before may help you to give your best in a live video interview.

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