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Maharashtra school board asked to provide question papers in Braille

Teachers in Maharashtra have asked the state board to provide class 10 and class 12 question papers in Braille for deaf-blind students. These are students who are both visually and hearing impaired.

The teachers have also asked the board to allow these students to write their answers in Braille.

Though there are several concessions for students who are either visually or hearing impaired, there are none for students who have both impairments.

The problem came up this year when a deaf blind student tried to register for the exam. The exam form did not have a category for such students. This is because deafness and blindness are listed separately in the disabilities section.

Hearing or visually impaired students have a writer who helps them during the exam. However, since students with both impairments can neither hear nor see, they are unable to use an interpreter to read the question paper.

Giving the question paper in Braille will help students read it without help. At the moment board authorities do not have facilities to print question papers in Braille, nor teachers who can check papers in Braille.

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