What to wear to a job interview

Here are some basic things that one should keep in mind when dressing up for job interviews:

  1. Clothes must always be clean and ironed.
  2. Shoes must be formal and polished. If you are wearing heels or sandals, make sure they are clean especially near the heels. Avoid shoes or shoes with heels that make a noise when you walk as that is distracting.
  3. Women can choose between trousers and blouse or traditional clothes like saris/salwar kameez.
  4. Men should wear formal trousers and a shirt. Avoid T-shirts as it looks too casual. Tie and jacket is usually not necessary. If you choose to wear a tie, wear one that is one single colour.
  5. Wear light colours and small prints. Men should avoid colours like bright yellow and bright green. Women should avoid shirts or kameezes with low necklines, as that looks casual.
  6. Makeup and jewelry should be simple. Don’t wear bangles that make a noise when you move your hands.
  7. Avoid perfumes that are very strong.
  8. Hair should be tied or kept away from the face. Men with beards should make sure they get it trimmed. Nails should be trimmed or neatly shaped.

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