How to run effective meetings at the workplace

People invest time in meetings at the workplace to achieve positive and successful results.

Business or workplace meetings have to be short and help develop personal and professional relationships between employees, bosses and customers.

Here are few tips to run meetings more efficiently:

You should communicate the important ideas or business goals in a direct and confident manner.

Try to develop a mutual understanding with your employees, customers, co-workers in the meeting.

For example, a simple question like 'How is everyone doing'? Or, 'What does everyone think about the decision'? Or, 'Any additional thoughts or comments?' will be of great help.

Be aware of the interest levels of your employees or co-workers in what you discuss. Motivate them to share their ideas and views in the meeting.

Use five minutes at the end to give a summary to your employees or co-workers about the achievements, decisions and next steps discussed in the meeting.

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