How to stay in contact with clients successfully

Clients are important for positive growth in the business or organisation.

Good relationship with clients and customers helps to improve sales, get new projects, develop careers and enjoy work.

Here are tips to stay in contact with clients successfully:

Create a database of all your existing clients. Type their names, phone numbers, email addresses, social media accounts in a spreadsheet.

Add a personal touch to your database. It means add little information about the clients’ personal life.

When you contact a client in future, you can ask about his interests or family in your conversation to make them feel connected.

Hold regular meetings with clients to keep the clients updated about the company’s progress.

Inform clients about your work, recent developments, case stories through regular emails.

Last but not the least, stay active on social networking sites like Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook. Add positive stories about the recent successful projects of your business or organisation.

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