How to manage work while being pregnant

Working during pregnancy is possible with the right care and caution. However, it is not always easy when one has medical problems.

Here are few tips to help one stay healthy and productive on the job during pregnancy:

Make to-do lists and plan properly to complete the important tasks at work.

Take short and regular breaks at the workplace. Getting up and moving around for a few minutes can reduce muscle tension.

Sharing your worries and frustrations with a supportive co-worker can help reduce the amount of stress at work.

Maintain your fitness routine. Physical activities can help increase your energy level. For example, take a walk after lunch or work for a short period.

Practicing relaxation techniques like listening to music, meditation, watching a motivational video can also help to improve your performance at work.

Communicate with your company representative or manager about working from home when possible so you can avoid unnecessary travel.

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