How to write useful meeting minutes

Meeting minutes are written or recorded documents used to inform employees or co-workers of what happened during the meeting.

It is to make sure that the decisions taken during the meeting aren’t lost or forgotten.

Here are few tips to write effective meeting minutes:

Create a format for recording your meeting minutes. Make sure you leave some blank space to record your notes.

Your meeting minutes must include:

Date and time of the meeting,

Purpose of the meeting,

Names of the participants,

Calendar or due dates,

Tasks or projects,

Decisions made by the participants and

Future plans.

Minutes should focus only on the summary of what has been discussed and what actions have to be taken, by whom and when.

Avoid personal observations, and stick to facts.

You have to make sure that the meeting minutes must be written and sent quickly.

It will help the participants know their next projects or action plans and save their time and effort of participating in the meeting.

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