RPWD Act 2016 - Employment benefits

The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act 2016 provides special employment benefits for people with benchmark disabilities. Benchmark disability means people with at least 40% disability.

The Bill says that 5% of jobs will be reserved for people with benchmark disabilities at government- owned or government-run organizations.

1% of jobs must be reserved for persons with blindness and low vision, hearing and speech impairment, locomotor disability, autism, intellectual disability and mental illness and multiple disabilities.

The government has the right to add more disabilities to this if needed.

Central, state and local governments will give benefits to the private sector to make sure that at least 5% of their employees have disabilities.

5% reservation includes providing agricultural land and housing in all important schemes and programmes, poverty reduction schemes with importance to women with disabilities and provision of land at lower rates for starting a business, a company, among others.

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