Triple 9 movie review: 'A hit and miss'

Triple 9 is a crime thriller drama film starring Woody Harrelson, Aaron Paul, Kate Winslet, and Chiwetel Ejiofor. It begins with fast-paced action scenes but slows down in the middle and never recovers. With such an established set of actors, like Winslet and Harrelson, you would expect the movie to be good. But the roles do not live up to the characters' reputation. The plot is dry and without logical explanation for many scenes. It is a missed chance to make actors like Woody Harrelson, Aaron Paul and Kate Winslet really shine.

My experience of watching the film was different because I watched it with two deaf friends. There were no subtitles. This was sad because I could not give explanations of the scenes to my friends at the same pace at which they were happening.

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