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Deaf critic movie review of Passengers

Passengers is an American science fiction-thriller and adventure film.

The film features Jennifer Lawrence as Aurora (writer) and Christ Pratt as Jim (mechanical engineer).

The film starts with a starship Avalon which is carrying 5,000 passengers in hibernation cases to the planet Homestead II. The spaceship is on a journey that takes 120 years.

But a technical error awakens a passenger Jim 90 years early.

Jim tries his best to solve the technical problem but fails every time.

After spending a year alone, Jim thinks of committing suicide.

That's when he notices Aurora and decides to get her out of her case manually for friendship.

Jim and Aurora grow closer and become lovers.

The twist in the story comes when Jim and Aurora find out many failures in the ship's systems.

The way Jim and Aurora discover the mystery behind the technical failures and save the lives of thousands of passengers forms the remaining part of the story.

The first half of the film is engaging while the second half is more like managing life and death situations.

Good visual effects and the actors played their role convincingly. A must watch film for science-fiction lovers.

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