How to write the agenda for an effective meeting

Creating an effective agenda is important to hold an organized and useful meeting at the workplace.

Agenda means a list of items to be discussed at a formal meeting.

Here are steps to writing the perfect meeting agenda:

Create a meeting agenda a day in advance. It can be sent through email, or printed and distributed to the employees or co-workers. It helps them to know what to expect from the meeting.

Start the agenda with simple details like start time of the meeting, names of the participants, place of the meeting.

Mention the objective or goal of the meeting in two sentences in the agenda.

Schedule time per topic. For example, Introductions – two minutes.

Keep the agenda of the meeting to less than five topics to avoid wasting time. For example,

1) Introduction – 2 minutes,

2) Review last year’s sales reports – 10 minutes,

3) Review the new projects – 5 minutes,

4) Set targets or deadlines – 5 minutes.

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